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From sculpture to jazz to "rage rawk," creative opportunity explodes on Art Zone
Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 11/30/2018

Art Zone returns with an inside look into artist Joan Engelmeyer's creative philosophy that living life and making art are one and the same. Erik Hanson, founder and executive director of Jazz Night School, talks about his start-from-scratch music academy and its extraordinary students. The band Bearaxe delivers an electrifying performance, shaking the Georgetown Stables with their original songs: "The Final Fade" and "Heroine." Founder of Seattle Art Source, Sarah Hurt, curates a festive calendar that'll help you with your holiday shopping list. Finally, Art Zone congratulates Seattle Opera on the upcoming grand opening of its state-of-the art new home, which includes three multi-purpose studios and storage for 50,000 props.


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