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Transforming Police Culture
Transforming Police Culture

High-profile incidents of police violence on the national stage and here in Washington have amplified calls for transforming police culture and increasing accountability. Washington state legislators are considering several ideas like requiring de-escalation, prohibiting certain deadly tactics, establishing independent investigations of deadly force incidents, strengthening decertification procedures, and removing police accountability from collective bargaining. This conversation explores how these various proposals are intended to change police departments and repair broken trust between community and their elected representatives.


Enrique Cerna, Broadcast Journalist

Paige Fernandez, National ACLU Policing Policy Advisor

Anne Levinson, Seattle police accountability auditor 2010 to 2016

Sue Rahr, Executive Director of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission

Tim Reynon, former Puyallup Tribal Councilmember (2014-2020), Co-Chair of De-Escalate Washington (I-940 campaign)


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