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CityStream is the Seattle Channel's magazine-style show. Join our hosts as we venture to new and exciting spots in Seattle. We'll visit hidden parks, new restaurants, and favorite haunts as we bring you in-depth coverage of the happenings in the Emerald City. Learn about unique organizations and the people making a difference in our town. Hear about up-and-coming programs and what you can do to join in.

Simply put, if you live in or near Seattle - if you care about Seattle - CityStream will help you connect to life in the city.

CityStream: Art Inspiration & Historic Preservation
CityStream: Art Inspiration & Historic Preservation

Seattle artist Blanca Santander's colorful and expressive art is on public display across the region. Her passion for social justice, immigration, and the environment are common themes. But early on, promoting those values led to a near-fatal encounter in the jungles of her native Peru. Also, former Seattle city councilmember Tom Rasmussen is leading an effort to archive an important part of the city's history. The Seattle Gay News started as a newsletter in 1974 and today is one of the nation's oldest LGBTQ newspapers. Now, the push is on to preserve more than four decades of back issues. Host Enrique Cerna has these stories from the Seattle Municipal Tower.