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CityStream is the Seattle Channel's magazine-style show. Join our hosts as we venture to new and exciting spots in Seattle. We'll visit hidden parks, new restaurants, and favorite haunts as we bring you in-depth coverage of the happenings in the Emerald City. Learn about unique organizations and the people making a difference in our town. Hear about up-and-coming programs and what you can do to join in.

Simply put, if you live in or near Seattle - if you care about Seattle - CityStream will help you connect to life in the city.

CityStream: Species Restoration, Battery Safety & Turning Down the Volume
CityStream: Species Restoration, Battery Safety & Turning Down the Volume

Once plentiful and a rich food source for Indigenous people, Olympia oysters and Pinto abalone have all but disappeared. Pollution, overharvest, and habitat loss are to blame, but the Puget Sound Restoration Fund is working to restore both species. Chances are, you own several devices powered by lithium-ion batteries. These potent cells provide plenty of power but can also pose a danger. See what to guard against and how to stay safe. Also, we’ll explore a new program designed to protect endangered Orcas by turning down the sound in the Salish Sea. Host Dennis Bounds has these stories from the Burke Museum!