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Look, Listen and Learn: Uniquely You
Look, Listen and Learn: Uniquely You

It's costume day at school and Possum wants to dress up as a ballerina! But...he's never worn a costume like that before. Auntie Lena shares with Possum why it's fun to be unique and "one of a kind." Look, Listen and Learn with us about creative ways to express ourselves not only on costume day but every day.

Join Mr. Bim and Amoures as they read "One of a Kind, Like Me" at the Kent Library and discover what happens when a young boy tries to find his perfect purple princess dress. Then, at the Wing Luke Museum, Miss Taylor makes "Inside/Outside" boxes that can help us share about who we are both on the inside and outside. Finally, watch LaRae and Irie share a beautiful song at the Salish School of Spokane and teach us how we can express ourselves through music.

Music sensation Benicio Bryant performs hit single “I CAN’T DANCE TO THIS”

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