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Family, Politics & Career: Promoting Change & Balancing Responsibilities
International Women's Day - Family, Politics & Career: Promoting Change & Balancing Responsibilities

Jessyn Farrell, director of the Office of Sustainability and Environment, speaks about her experience as a mother, Washington State Representative, and City employee who has challenged the status-quo on multiple topics including reducing environmental harms for BIPOC, closing the wealth gap by increasing diversity and opportunities, and balancing caregiving responsibilities throughout her career. Jessyn recognizes that people of all genders have caregiving responsibilities, and this has been especially hard during the pandemic which caused a huge strain on the caregiving workforce. She talks about how she's been transparent with staff about her own struggles to find reliable and affordable childcare and balance work responsibilities, while striving to shift the work culture to center caregivers of all genders and ethnicities. Jessyn speaks to the changing climate of environmental and social justice, her efforts to increase diversity in the workplace, decrease the wealth gap and implement equity in City programs.

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