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Civic Cocktail - presented by Seattle Channel and Seattle CityClub - offers a night of networking, civic conversation, Tom Douglas appetizers and a no-host bar. 

Wed., Nov. 4 | 6 p.m.

Join us November 4 for our final Civic Cocktail of 2020! We begin with former Republican WA Attorney General Rob McKenna. Joining him is a prominent Democrat (soon to be announced), and together they'll discuss the election results from the night before. Will there be a clear mandate? Where do the parties go from here? How might they work together after this long election season?

In our second segment, we'll focus on the positive in a conversation with Pastor Don Mackenzie and Imam Jamal Rahman, from the Interfaith Amigos. These men come from different faiths but work together in friendship and goodwill in our community. They'll offer healing thoughts as we continue to navigate these challenging times. Join us for this conversation to kick off your holiday season.

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Civic Cocktail: Congressman Adam Smith + Youth Activism
Civic Cocktail: Congressman Adam Smith + Youth Activism

As several U.S. House committees pursue an impeachment inquiry, Washington Congressman Adam Smith tells host Joni Balter, "Impeachment is not a good thing, it's just not." The 9th District Democrat says the process is divisive and poses some political concerns for his party heading into 2020. Still, Smith agrees President Trump's behavior is not acceptable and he needs to be held accountable. And he says what's most puzzling, the President hasn't even tried to hide his dealings with Ukraine. And just two weeks after she addressed a congressional committee on the climate crisis, 17-year-old Jamie Margolin of Seattle tells how she stood up to a house member and called him, "cowardly." The co-founder of the international nonprofit Zero Hour doesn't mince words when talking about the climate crisis, saying "Our oceans are dying, our salmon are dying... there is no gray area for survival, so it's kind of either we do survive this thing or we don't."