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Civic Cocktail - presented by Seattle Channel and Seattle CityClub - offers a night of networking, civic conversation, Tom Douglas appetizers and a no-host bar. 

Civic Cocktail: State of Our Democracy: Bridging the Political Divide in WA
Civic Cocktail: State of Our Democracy: Bridging the Political Divide in WA

A new president has established a different tone, but politics nationally remains as contentious as ever. Is the same true in this state? The leaders of Washington's two major political parties join host Joni Balter to discuss bridging the political divide. The conversation revealed there's still work to be done. "I think Republicans, at this point, have zero, none, nada ground to stand on when talking about bipartisanship" said Washington state Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski. Her counterpart for the Republican Party, Caleb Heimlich, responded, "If the Democrats viewpoint is that you have to abandon all your principles, you have to give up on the people that voted for you... than our country is never going to come together." Heimlich did agree the election is over and that Joe Biden is clearly the president. Despite their differences, each party chair was given the opportunity to say something positive about the other person. And it was more than just, "no comment." 

This episode of Civic Cocktail is the second in a multi-part series on "The State of Our Democracy." Watch January's conversation with Rick Wilson and Bill Bryant.