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Civic Cocktail - presented by Seattle Channel and Seattle CityClub - offers a night of networking, civic conversation, Tom Douglas appetizers and a no-host bar. 

Civic Cocktail: 2020 Election: Analysis & Healing
Civic Cocktail: 2020 Election: Analysis & Healing

One day after Americans cast their ballots in record numbers, we are joined by a prominent Democrat and Republican who share their perspectives on our divided nation. Congressmember-elect Marilyn Strickland tells host Joni Balter, no matter who becomes president, we must find a way to come together to begin solving problems. She says she'll start by listening to those who don't share her point of view. Former Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna says, "The people of our country need to see their elected leaders accomplishing something." He urges they start with an effective response to the pandemic. But even after the ballots are counted and winners declared, it's clear this country will remain bitterly divided. Two of the three founding members of the Interfaith Amigos admit healing will be difficult, but doable. Imam Jamal Rahman advises we, "Listen, respect, connect, so there's no need to talk about politics or religion, let's start by sharing stories." Pastor Don Mackenzie agrees saying people need to be heard, especially right now. But he adds, " order to have the difficult conversations, we come back to the need to trust each other."