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About City Inside/Out: Council Edition

Join host Brian Callanan for a monthly conversation with members of the Seattle City Council. City Inside/Out: Council Edition features a conversation about the issues with Seattle City Councilmembers.

Brian Callanan is a five-time Emmy winner who currently serves as a host, producer, and moderator for the Seattle Channel, where he's worked since 2011. His career in broadcast journalism began in 1995, and includes an 11-year stint as a reporter and anchor for Q13 News. Brian won the Seattle Municipal League's Civic Award for Government News Reporting in 2016. He lives with his wife and two daughters in West Seattle.

City Inside/Out: Council Edition - January 2018
City Inside/Out: Council Edition - January 2018

What's in store for the second phase of police reform? Is the city's new soda tax falling flat? What are the proposed changes to neighborhood parking? Should the Fort Lawton redevelopment proposal include housing for homeless and low-income residents? Councilmembers Lisa Herbold and Mike O'Brien join host Brian Callanan to discuss these topics and answer questions from viewers on the January episode of Council Edition.