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What to do when there's too much to do!
Look, Listen and Learn: So Much to Do!

Possum has so much to do! He needs to finish his homework, help Mama Possum with chores and make a present for Turtle’s birthday. How can he do it all in one day? Sometimes having many tasks can be overwhelming, but in today’s episode, Auntie Lena teaches Possum how to stay organized and plan ahead by making a to-do list. Look, Listen and Learn with us about different ways to make and use your own to-do list, as well as discover the fun in saying “I’m done!” 

Tune in to these segments in our latest episode: First, Mr. Eumir and Kai read “Little Mr. Fix-It Assists with the To-Do List” by Micaela S. Benn at ChildStrive in Everett. Then, at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma, Mr. Scott makes a chore chart that can hang on your door and be a reminder of important tasks that need to be done every day. Finally, Miss Taylor and Athena make a garden salad together at Nurturing Roots Farm and check off all the yummy ingredients on their list

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