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Look, Listen and Learn about colorful cultures
Look, Listen and Learn: Colorful Cultures

Possum’s getting ready for World Heritage Day at school and is excited for everyone in class to try his slug stew! But… What if the other kids say “ew” about his slug stew? In today’s episode, Auntie Lena reminds Possum that even if some kids don’t like his stew, it isn’t any less special. Look, Listen and Learn with us about why it’s important to embrace your culture and how we can all celebrate the unique colors, tastes and sounds of different cultures around the world.

Tune in for these segments: First, Miss Marie and Carmela read a story called “Purple Ube”, by Hannah Arp, at the Filipino Community Village. Then, at Musang, Chef Domingo shows Andersyn how to make ube ice candies from the Philippines. Finally, Mestre Silvio and Leila play a traditional Brazilian instrument called the “berimbau” at Union Cultural Center.

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