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Look, Listen and Learn: Remember When?

What’s one of your favorite memories? In this episode, Possum remembers when he used to chase his tail and could be carried on Mama Possum’s back. He misses being little and tells Auntie Lena that he doesn’t want to grow up! Look, Listen and Learn with us about the reasons why growing up is an adventure and how to keep special memories alive as we grow older by sharing them with others.

Tune in to these segments: First, Mr. Duane and Jace read “I Am Perfectly Designed”, by Karamo and Jason Rachel Brown, at the Filipino Community Village. Then, Mr. Damon makes a memory book at Cherubs Nursery School and shares one of his favorite childhood memories. Finally, Chef Domingo and Elijah make “pastillas de leche”, a special Filipino treat, at Musang. 

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