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Seattle is a crossroads for information, and a popular stop for the authors, politicians and pundits making news nationally and internationally.  American Podium will take you to the lecture halls and conference rooms where some of today's most fascinating speakers are sharing their thoughts and insights about what's going on in the world today.

American Podium: Chris Hayes presents 'The Two Americas'
American Podium: Chris Hayes presents 'The Two Americas'

"A Colony in a Nation" by Emmy Award-winning MSNBC news anchor and New York Times best-selling author Chris Hayes describes an America that is suffering from an identity crisis. We view ourselves as a developed nation, ruled by law and order. Yet, in large swathes of our country, the general mindset is more provincial; fear trumps civil rights and aggressive policing resembles occupation. Hayes draws comparisons between modern-day communities in places like Ferguson and West Baltimore and those of colonial America. He disputes the notion of a post-racial world and argues that racial inequality hasn't improved since 1968 by all empirical measures-wealth, unemployment, incarceration, school segregation. Hayes breaks down the issues and impacts of our country's lack of self-awareness and the ways in which it threatens our democracy.