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Kobe Bell tolls to mark 400,000 U.S. COVID deaths
Kobe Bell tolls to mark 400,000 U.S. COVID deaths

Seattle joins cities around the country in remembering American lives lost to COVID with the ringing of the Kobe Bell at Seattle Center. Community members who have been directly impacted by the loss of life ring take a turn at ringing the bell for 40 times each, reflecting on the roughly 4,000 lives lost in Washington State and the 400,000 lives lost to date in the United States. The event at Seattle Center corresponds to a similar bell-ringing ceremony in Washington, D.C., led by President-elect Joe Biden.

Bell Ringers include:

Benjamin Erickson, Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association

Esther Lucero, Seattle Indian Health Board

Dr. Ben Danielson, former Senior Medical Director at Odessa Brown Children's Clinic (OBCC) in Seattle

Jennifer Sarriugarte: Infection Prevention and Mitigation Consultant, Seattle Center

Virginia Ramos: Sea Mar Community Health Centers


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