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Look, Listen and Learn: Possum's New Friend Beaver

Possum has a new classmate at school, but he's very quiet and some of the other kids make fun of him. What should Possum do? In Episode 13 of Look, Listen and Learn, Auntie Lena and Possum learn about what it means to be a friend and how new friendships can be made at the most unexpected times.

Join Possum's friends in these fun, creative activities:

Art - Luna and Ms. Maya make friendship bracelets for their friends at the Seattle Children's Museum.

Reading - A'Naiyah and Mr. Marcellus read "Strictly No Elephants" by Lisa Mantchev and learn about a boy's special friendship with his elephant at the Seattle Public Library.

Cooking - MarrSean and Chef Tarik talk about friendship as they make potato fritters and tea at the PCC Kitchen in Columbia City.

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