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Look, Listen and Learn: It's Time to Celebrate!
Look, Listen and Learn: It's Time to Celebrate!

La Rama, Carnaval, New Yam Festival, Lunar New Year! Do any of these celebrations sound familiar to you? In this episode of Look, Listen and Learn, Auntie Lena and Possum learn about the many different ways that people celebrate all over the world. Join Possum's friends in these fun and creative activities: 

Reading - Emme Lee and Miss Rosa read "Let's Celebrate: Special Days Around the World" by Kate DePalma at the Woodland Park Zoo. 

Cooking - AnnaLucia and Mr. Tomas make nachos, their favorite celebration dish. 

Art - Miss Erin makes a chochin, or Japanese paper lantern, to hang for Obon Festival at The Wing Luke Museum.

Music - Nadia and Mr. Chris learn about a Christmas tradition in Veracruz, Mexico called "La Rama" and sing a traditional song together at the Tukwila Community Center. 

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