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Look, Listen and Learn: You're the Bee's Knees
Look, Listen and Learn: You're the Bee's Knees

Bzzzz! In this episode of Look, Listen and Learn, Auntie Lena and Possum learn all about bees - why they're always so busy and what we can do to help them keep buzzing here on Earth. Join Auntie Lena in her first field trip to Mr. Robin's bee farm, as well as Possum's friends in these fun and creative activities:

Cooking - Isabella and Miss Michelle make a sweet honey snack at the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands.   

Reading - Louis and Miss Rhonda read "Bea's Bees" by Katherine Pryor at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Art - Miss Ellie, the illustrator of "Bea's Bees", makes planter pots that can grow a beautiful bee buffet of flowers at The Wing Luke Museum. 

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