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Look, Listen & Learn about forgiveness & working through conflict
Look, Listen & Learn: Forgiveness

Auntie Lena and Possum explore forgiveness. Sometimes maintaining healthy relationships with others is hard. When Possum struggles to forgive a friend from school, Auntie Lena helps him understand that there are positive ways to communicate how we feel. Look, Listen and Learn with us about the tough, but important, lessons of forgiveness and working through conflict.

Tune in to these segments in our latest episode: First, Judge Faamomoi Masaniai and his daughter Tai read "Eagle Boy" by Richard Lee Vaughan, a Pacific Northwest Native Tale, at the Kent Library. Next, Mr. Jake talks about the importance of forgiveness while making a forgiveness puzzle at the Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery. Finally, at the Woodland Park Zoo, Mr. Chris teaches a song that can help us calm down whenever we feel nervous or angry.

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