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What to do when kids are feeling sad & missing someone
Look, Listen and Learn: Missing Others

In this episode, Possum misses his friend Turtle who is away on vacation with her family. Auntie Lena is proud of Possum for sharing his sadness with her and together they try to think about things that make him feel happy, safe and loved. Look, Listen and Learn with us about ways to cope with the sadness of missing others, and why naming emotions is essential to being the best you that the world will ever see.

Tune in to these segments in our latest episode: First, Miss Tara and Demi read a story about a girl who misses her dad while he is in prison, called “Missing Daddy” by Mariame Kaba, at the Renton Library. Next, Mr. Scott makes pinwheels at the Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery and shares how he misses his niece who lives far away. Finally, Mr. Ibrahim and Leila show us how to make no-bake carrot cake bites at the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands.

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