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“Look, Listen and Learn” explores the meaning & importance of gratitude
Look, Listen and Learn: Gifts of Gratitude

“Gratitude… What does that mean?” In this special episode featuring the Salish School of Spokane, Auntie Lena teaches Possum about the meaning and importance of gratitude. Together they learn that gratitude is like saying thank you. It’s how we show appreciation for all the people and things that we love, from bumble bees to bug berry pie. But gratitude doesn’t always have to be a gift. Look, Listen and Learn with us about fun ways to practice being grateful every day!

Tune in to these segments: First, Miss LaRae and Seneca make parfleche pouches that hold special items to remind them of things they’re grateful for and hold close to their hearts. Then, Miss LaRae and Keyes express their appreciation for the earth and whip up some sx̌ʷusm̓, a traditional Salish food made from berries that grow in many places across North America. Finally, Mireya and Irie read a traditional Salish story together called “Mouse and Grizzly”.

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