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City Council 5/23/23
City Council 5/23/23

Agenda: Call to Order, Roll Call, Presentations; Public Comment; Adoption of the Introduction and Referral Calendar, Approval of the Agenda, Approval of the Consent Calendar; CB 120578: relating to City employment - Second Quarter 2023 Employment Ordinance; CB 120534: relating to tree protection; CB 120535: amending Ordinance 126725, which adopted the 2023 Budget; CB 120572: amending Ordinance 126490, which adopted the 2022 Budget, including the 2022-2027 Capital Improvement Program (CIP); CB 120573: amending Ordinance 126725, which adopted the 2023 Budget, including the 2023-2028 Capital Improvement Program (CIP); CB 120563: relating to historic preservation - Madison Middle School; CB 120564: relating to historic preservation - Magnolia Elementary School; CB 120565: relating to historic preservation - Daniel Bagley Elementary School; CB 120566: relating to historic preservation - West Seattle High School; CB 120557: relating to the Department of Transportation’s Hazard Mitigation Program; CB 120574: relating to Seattle Public Utilities - Foy Pump Station property; Other Business - Seattle City Council call and notice of the 5/23/2003 Seattle Social Housing Developer Board meeting.

Community Stories: We Hereby Refuse: The Akutsu Family Resists

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