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Students showcase their stories with TEDxBallardYouth
Students showcase their stories with TEDxBallardYouth

TEDxBallardYouth showcases twelve students who take the stage to share their original stories and bold ideas.

Seatown Story Collective co-founders Jerome Hunter, M.A.T. and Kristin Leong, M.Ed. say that their mission is to unlock student potential and passion while building a community of inquisitive youth and amplifying multimedia storytelling from historically underrepresented voices.

Jerome Hunter
Ada Lu
Anthony Bruce
Grayson Niccolls
Dorothy Bryan
Bea Bunker
Maya Dehgan
Daniel Le
Kristin Leong
Yunyao Victoria Bai
Kamakshi Shirodkar
Finn Leong
Jinie Chon
Haley Foster

Community Stories: We Hereby Refuse: The Akutsu Family Resists

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