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Universal Design & Pedestrian Wayfinding Forum
Universal Design & Pedestrian Wayfinding Forum

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The Northwest Universal Design Council hosts an expert panel on designing wayfinding systems and tools to meet the mobility needs of all. The discussion will center on best practices and lessons learned from recent wayfinding projects, the wayfinding needs of people with disabilities, and how wayfinding can be improved through Universal Design.

The principles of Universal Design can be applied to urban environments to make public spaces usable and inviting. Urban designers apply a variety of tools to help pedestrians determine where they are and where they need to go to reach their destination. These tools, known collectively as "wayfinding," have adapted to incorporate new technologies and design methods. When designing and improving public spaces, considering and understanding the wayfinding needs of all, including people with disabilities, is essential for inclusion.

Speakers include:

Tom Minty, Northwest Universal Design Council

Staci Haber, King County Mobility Coalition

David Miller, Lighthouse for the Blind

Debra Kahn, Washington State Deaf-Blind Citizens

Adrian Bell, Applied Wayfinding

Aditi Kambuj, Seattle Department of Transportation

Candace Toth, Sound Transit

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