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Look, Listen and Learn: Food Fuels Bodies
Look, Listen and Learn: Food Fuels Bodies

Apples, peas, xigua, ube! These are all types of healthy fruits and vegetables that fuel our bodies. But how do we know when food is healthy? Does healthy food taste as good as bug berry pie? Look, Listen and Learn with us as Auntie Lena shares with Possum about why eating healthy and enjoying a rainbow of foods is important to help our bodies go and grow.

Tune in for these segments: First, Dr. Margaret and her son, Ayomide, read her book “Ayomide and Seyi's Kitchen: A Kid’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition from A-Z” at Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands. Then, Dr. Margaret teaches Leila one of her yummy recipes: chocolate stuffed date bites. Finally, Miss Taylor shows us her own healthy food plate at The Wing Luke Museum.

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